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Because Each of Us Matters

Tuesday, 19. November 2013 15:02

Swallowtail Butterfly share flowersHave you ever thought about who makes up your “we”? Is it your family, your partner, your political party, or your work associates?  Or maybe it’s the human race, or all the creatures of the earth?  Perhaps your answer changes depending on the issue at stake.

The way you navigate between the needs of I, you and we in your life can be tricky. How do you meet your needs and the needs of others when they compete? For example, if your “I “ almost always comes second to your service to others in your life, how does that feel for you?  Alternatively, how does it feel if you almost always seek to meet your own needs before considering the needs of others?

Say these definitions to yourself:

Loving only you is self-less;

Loving only me is selfish and

Loving me and you is self–full.

And these:

Each of us is responsible for meeting our own needs; and

Your needs and my needs matter equally, not more or less.

How was that for you?

I find it empowering to know that our needs matter equally and that I can trust you to take care of yourself. It means I can care about others (you and we) in my life without abandoning me. It enhances my respect for both of us.

I can always choose to consider our needs together in my solution set.  That’s not an obligation, it’s a choice, and that encourages me to discover creative solutions that solve problems in ways that benefit more of us.

In this context, one of my favorite questions is this:

“What choices bring more love and abundance to me, to you and to us?”

Finding your way to meet the needs of I, with you and we, may fill a lifetime.  Hopefully, each of us seeks a balance that not only nurtures us, but also allows us to contribute to our community and to our world in meaningful ways.   Because each of us matters – and how we live this consciousness makes all the difference.




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Abundance – An Inside Job, Guest Post by Renata Loree

Thursday, 4. August 2011 18:44

There has been so much written on the subject of getting what you want. There are manuals, step by step procedures and new age ideas that recommend what to do to achieve our goals.

But I have to say that the only good advice I have ever gotten is to be grateful for what I already have. Through this simple recognition, I realized that everything I ever need is within reach. Just being in a state of gratefulness removes the illusion of not having enough.

The tricky part is to not be caught up in the “more trap”, like, if I only had that one more thing I would be happy, or, if I only had a boyfriend and a car or a house.  The feeling of lack often starts with the perception of not having enough of something to fulfill the need to be happy. When I meditate or sit still quietly every day, I can stop the onslaught of negative thoughts that constantly tells me that I am powerless. If I can remove this negative veil and see it for the lie that it is, I can see how abundant and powerful I really am.

The magic happens from there. Like attracts like. That is the first law in the universe. If you seek love, be the love you seek. If you seek peace, be that peace. This life beckons us to examine what it is that we truly want. Is it really the big house on the hill that will give you the life that you desire? Name your dream and then examine it. Sit still and ask yourself what it is that you really need, and you might surprise yourself. It may not be the expensive car, the beautiful clothes or a fabulous vacation.

These things can actually pull you further away from who you really are, because they often mask the truth of what you truly desire. You might find that what you really wanted already resides within you. The most magical thing happens then when you realize this simple truth, that you already have everything you need, all you have to do is drop everything that is in the way.  When that happens, all the things that you truly want start appearing in your life, as you watch in disbelief, because you did not have to do a thing.

I have this simple story to tell to demonstrate what I am talking about.

A few years back, I was sitting in a coffee shop on a beautiful day taking a break. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman next to me. It just so happened, that he is the father of a fellow yoga teacher I know. He started to entertain me with stories from his son’s childhood and I also found that he was a real-estate agent. In return, I told this older gentleman what my dream house would look like. I described a spacious house with large windows, overlooking an expanse of water, probably situated on a hill. He smiled at me and said that he knew of a house like this and that he wanted me to see it. He gave me the address and his card. I went to look at the house, even though at that time I was in no position to shop for real estate. I was hugely disappointed. I drove by shaking my head in disbelief. How could anyone think that this was my dream house? But this only reinforced the vision that I had. It was as clear as the brightest day. And then I let it go, realizing it was still just a dream.

A couple of years later, my life went into turmoil.  I lost pretty much everything I had or cared about. I was thrown into a completely different lifestyle. Although there was little that remained, I decided to turn to the only thing that mattered: me. Every day I would sit quietly and examine what it was that really was me. I felt the space, the love and the peace that resided there. Nothing else was needed and I was supremely grateful for it. It made me appreciate the beauty of the little I had left and how abundant I could feel regardless of my circumstances.

Soon after, I became involved in a loving relationship and my boyfriend invited me to move in with him.  And guess what? I now live in a house that looks just like the dream house I described to my coffeehouse friend. I do not own it, my boyfriend does, but that is the magic. Abundance is not owned, it is perceived. It comes and goes with the flux of life. And there is no amount of cunning thought that I could have possibly come up with to design how to make this happen.

Sometimes we need a stroke of bad luck to shake us up so we can see things from a different perspective. A simple disaster put me in a place where abundance had to come from inside me – and I am grateful for it every day.


Renata Loree, RYT  is the owner of Yogaspot, a vinyasa yoga studio in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and encourages her students to explore the creative and meditative aspect of yoga to enhance their journey to personal freedom.  Visit her website at Yogaspot.net

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How to Find Your Next Best Idea? Start Here

Monday, 23. August 2010 13:06

Seth Godin,  bestselling author and marketing guru really got my attention in his recent blog post “Resilience and the incredible power of slow change .” 

Why? I often talk to folks who are looking to generate a great business idea, but they don’t know where to start. Where do good ideas come from?  Ideas like Google or Facebook, or Starbucks?  I believe great ideas often get discovered simply by applying a new and different perspective to what already exists: seeing with new understanding.  For example, everyone is bemoaning the horrible economy. I say get creative:  with great upheaval comes great opportunity. What long-term trends combined with the current situation are creating new unmet consumer/business needs and desires that you or your company are uniquely suited to address?   Seth Godin reminds his readers to refocus attention away from crisis and toward the shifts in systems, processes and expectations.  Here’s an abridged excerpt from his thoughtful post:

“Most existing systems (organizations, cities, careers, governments) are resilient to external shocks. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t still be here. Earthquakes, edicts and emergencies come and they go, but the systems remain.

And yet, it’s the emergencies we pay attention to.

No single event demolished the music business. It was a series of slow changes over the course of two decades, all the way back to the CD.

Smoking killed far more people than terrorists ever did. It’s just not as dramatic.

Cultural shifts create long terms evolutionary changes. Cultural shifts, changes in habits, technologies that slowly obsolete a product or a system are the ones that change our lives. Watch for shifts in systems and processes and expectations. That’s what makes change, not big events.

Don’t worry about what happened yesterday (or five minutes ago). Focus on what happened ten years ago and think about what you can do that will make a huge impact in six months. The breaking news mindset isn’t just annoying, it may be distracting you from what really matters. As the world gets faster, it turns out that the glacial changes of years and decades are becoming more important, not less.”  (The boldface is my addition for emphasis)

So take look at long-term trends and changes, and couple your findings with creative insights from a wonderful book called “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink.  If you don’t know how to start to analyze trends to find opportunity, this book can give you a jump-start.  Wikipedia  summarizes Pink’s premise: three prevailing trends are affecting business and the economy:

  1. Abundance (consumers have too many choices, nothing is scarce)
  2. Asia (everything that can be outsourced, is), and
  3. Automation (computerization, robots, technology, processes).

From here, Pink does some heavy lifting by paving potential pathways to future personal and professional success by identifying six human abilities that appear pertinent to this new economy:

  1. Design – Moving beyond function to engage the sense.
  2. Story – Narrative added to products and services.
  3. Symphony – Adding invention and big picture thinking (not just detail focus).
  4. Empathy – Going beyond logic and engaging emotion and intuition.
  5. Play– Bringing humor and light-heartedness to business and products.
  6. Meaning – The purpose is the journey, give meaning to life from inside yourself.

Even better, Pink provides exercises to help you develop and apply each of these abilities.  So if you  are looking for a new business idea, and/or to re-create yourself for more success in the future, try looking backward at your industry or your business per Godin, and then look forward with  some of Pink’s tools.  See anything in a different light?

Since almost nothing changes when you do the same thing the same way, just shifting your perspective might just help you to stumble upon the next big thing. What do you have to lose?

Check out Godin’s full post here and his website here.  More on Daniel Pink, click here.

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