Coping with Time Crunch

I am sad to say that I have not been posting as regularly as I like to these last few weeks.  Suddenly, the tasks and deadlines before me (moving!) have demanded focus away from writing.  I hate when that happens!  But sometimes, you just have to go with it.

However, I feel blessed by synchronicity.  I was reading the Sunday paper (on Monday night) only to encounter an article by columnist Gareth Cook entitled “Getting it All Done” in the Boston Globe.  Since you and I are probably both busy, I will spare you the details and get to the moral of the story:

Research has shown that “doing something for someone else provides a tremendous boost in our confidence that we can get things done.  It makes us feel in control of our lives – effective.  The future feels more open.”

Ha!  So there you go.  Do more for others and you feel better about what you can do.  Marvelous.   I’ll give that a try.

One caveat:  The article points out that there is an upper limit to this effect, “a point at which the hours of helping others become an additional stress.” So, don’t forget to hone your time management skills don’t overdo.

I loved the article so much that  I posted it in its entirety at   So, if you can spare the time, check it out, or visit the Globe at

Happy Coping!

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Date: Wednesday, 4. April 2012 14:53
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