Surprising Tips for Better Teeth

Our smile is very important, and yet, tooth care is often overlooked until we have a problem.  When I came across this  DENTAL DONT’S video on ABC NEWS   I thought it was worth sharing, although I found the editor being interviewed a bit overzealous.

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As a dedicated dental fanatic,  I was shocked a few years ago when I realized  that all those years of hard brushing were exposing my gums and creating sensitivity.     This video gives several useful tips, so, it may be worthwhile to check it out.

My favorite tip of all comes toward the end – how to get inexpensive regular dental care by using  local dental schools.  There’s a list of schools on the American Dental Association website at  If there are no schools near you,   check out an article from SELF Magazine online for other ways to manage dental care costs at

Most importantly, don’t forget to smile!


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Date: Tuesday, 27. December 2011 14:55
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    For more information on the benefits of dental health, check out the WSJ on 12/27/11. The article, "If Your Teeth Could Talk," says
    ""We have lots of data showing a direct correlation between inflammation in the mouth and inflammation in the body," says Anthony Iacopino, director of the International Centre for Oral-Systemic Health, which opened at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry in Canada in 2008. Recent studies also show that treating gum disease improves circulation, reduces inflammation and can even reduce the need for insulin in people with diabetes. "

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