Time to Change, or Let It Go?

Time to Change?

I recently read some great advice by consultant and author Deborah Shane.   She said, “A thorough review of how relevant all of your products and services are to your customer, the market and how they are performing and working is essential. If something isn’t working be realistic about how you can improve it, reinvent it or let go of it.”

Shane’s thought is not only great advice for business, but also for life.  Why waste time on things that aren’t working anymore?  In Martha Beck “coaching speak”, we say if you can’t better it or barter it (i.e. trade it for something better), then why not bag it?

Sometimes, you just have to let things go when they are no longer useful to make room in your life (and your heart) for something better.  What habit, relationship or situation is actually draining your energy in a nonproductive way?  What’s one small step can you take today to make it better?

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Date: Tuesday, 29. November 2011 19:00
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