Celebrating a New Beginning

Today, I want to share with you an exciting beginning, the launch of my new website, The Project Coach, and my new blog, Project U.  I decided to create this identity when I realized that much of the coaching that I offer is around “projects” – life projects, work projects, wellness projects – and creating solutions that have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  While I will continue to blog here at 7 Layer Living, The Project Coach blog, Project U. places greater focus on career management and how to get things done, (what Martha Beck groupies would call “Square Three” coaching topics).

I decided to launch on October 1 in honor of my son, Spenser, who would have celebrated his 20th birthday today.  Sadly, he did not live to be a year old due to major heart complications, but his short life taught me a great deal about what I truly value. Spenser woke me up to a spiritual path and to the realization that in every day, there is always an opportunity to be grateful, especially for the gift of life itself.

While I miss Spenser deeply, I choose to remember him in celebration.   May you too  find meaningful ways and reasons to celebrate daily,  not only your life, but  also the lives of those you have loved and lost.

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Date: Saturday, 1. October 2011 16:32
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