Abundance – An Inside Job, Guest Post by Renata Loree

There has been so much written on the subject of getting what you want. There are manuals, step by step procedures and new age ideas that recommend what to do to achieve our goals.

But I have to say that the only good advice I have ever gotten is to be grateful for what I already have. Through this simple recognition, I realized that everything I ever need is within reach. Just being in a state of gratefulness removes the illusion of not having enough.

The tricky part is to not be caught up in the “more trap”, like, if I only had that one more thing I would be happy, or, if I only had a boyfriend and a car or a house.  The feeling of lack often starts with the perception of not having enough of something to fulfill the need to be happy. When I meditate or sit still quietly every day, I can stop the onslaught of negative thoughts that constantly tells me that I am powerless. If I can remove this negative veil and see it for the lie that it is, I can see how abundant and powerful I really am.

The magic happens from there. Like attracts like. That is the first law in the universe. If you seek love, be the love you seek. If you seek peace, be that peace. This life beckons us to examine what it is that we truly want. Is it really the big house on the hill that will give you the life that you desire? Name your dream and then examine it. Sit still and ask yourself what it is that you really need, and you might surprise yourself. It may not be the expensive car, the beautiful clothes or a fabulous vacation.

These things can actually pull you further away from who you really are, because they often mask the truth of what you truly desire. You might find that what you really wanted already resides within you. The most magical thing happens then when you realize this simple truth, that you already have everything you need, all you have to do is drop everything that is in the way.  When that happens, all the things that you truly want start appearing in your life, as you watch in disbelief, because you did not have to do a thing.

I have this simple story to tell to demonstrate what I am talking about.

A few years back, I was sitting in a coffee shop on a beautiful day taking a break. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman next to me. It just so happened, that he is the father of a fellow yoga teacher I know. He started to entertain me with stories from his son’s childhood and I also found that he was a real-estate agent. In return, I told this older gentleman what my dream house would look like. I described a spacious house with large windows, overlooking an expanse of water, probably situated on a hill. He smiled at me and said that he knew of a house like this and that he wanted me to see it. He gave me the address and his card. I went to look at the house, even though at that time I was in no position to shop for real estate. I was hugely disappointed. I drove by shaking my head in disbelief. How could anyone think that this was my dream house? But this only reinforced the vision that I had. It was as clear as the brightest day. And then I let it go, realizing it was still just a dream.

A couple of years later, my life went into turmoil.  I lost pretty much everything I had or cared about. I was thrown into a completely different lifestyle. Although there was little that remained, I decided to turn to the only thing that mattered: me. Every day I would sit quietly and examine what it was that really was me. I felt the space, the love and the peace that resided there. Nothing else was needed and I was supremely grateful for it. It made me appreciate the beauty of the little I had left and how abundant I could feel regardless of my circumstances.

Soon after, I became involved in a loving relationship and my boyfriend invited me to move in with him.  And guess what? I now live in a house that looks just like the dream house I described to my coffeehouse friend. I do not own it, my boyfriend does, but that is the magic. Abundance is not owned, it is perceived. It comes and goes with the flux of life. And there is no amount of cunning thought that I could have possibly come up with to design how to make this happen.

Sometimes we need a stroke of bad luck to shake us up so we can see things from a different perspective. A simple disaster put me in a place where abundance had to come from inside me – and I am grateful for it every day.


Renata Loree, RYT  is the owner of Yogaspot, a vinyasa yoga studio in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and encourages her students to explore the creative and meditative aspect of yoga to enhance their journey to personal freedom.  Visit her website at Yogaspot.net

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Date: Thursday, 4. August 2011 18:44
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