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After years of learning to display a stiff upper lip and trying to “fit in”, I want to take a moment to pay tribute to authenticity.  I especially want to send a shout out to those among us who have the courage to share their difficult journeys publicly, including illness, grief, addiction, depression and recovery. I currently follow (and am grateful for) a number of blogs written by brave friends who either share  the challenges they have overcome, or those that they currently face.

The power of sharing our authentic selves was recently evidenced  in an exceptionally inspiring New York Times story about a therapist named Marsha M. Linehan. Lineham, who works with suicidal patients, survived her own journey through mental illness and says she found her sanity when she accepted herself as she was. Now she is sharing her story and pioneering new treatments so that others may learn and benefit from her experience.

I not only believe that sharing our struggles and our vulnerability allows us to journey toward acceptance, but also allows us to love ourselves again. I am  grateful to those who share. I gain perspective when I listen to them. Their stories inspire me and remind me to appreciate the many blessings in my life, like a great meal, the sunshine, a call from a friend and connecting with like-minded souls on Facebook.

Yes, Facebook! Social media now makes sharing and connection even more accessible. Just the other day, my Facebook friend Hernan Hernandez, dashed off an incredibly lovely and moving piece of prose while we chatted in cyberspace,
I hold my pain close to my bosom, identify with it and make it my own. I cover it with the same love that I blanket my happiness with. I accept it and I thus take away its power over me. I tell myself that these terrible things were just events in my life… and that life is just a series of snapshots… and that in the end, I am the photographer and not the events.”

What great insight!

Thanks to those of you who are brave and kind enough to share. Your stories teach me and remind me that I am only human. I am not the only person who suffers injury and heartbreak, loses my way and sometimes faces darkness. I am not alone. You are with me. And if you are willing to find a way through this crazy life, so am I. Thank you for the smiles, the tears and for reminding me that indeed, the journey is worthwhile – especially if we are in it together.

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Date: Friday, 24. June 2011 20:48
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    Well said 🙂

    I often see some people start by apologise for sharing their story and then go on to tell the most amazing inspiring tale. It's completely beyond their perception that their own personal experience actually helps and encourages others.

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    "Thanks for sharing" Jen.

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