A Simple Tip for Getting Unstuck

Did you ever notice that it’s much easier to solve someone else’s problems than it is to solve your own?    In other words, you can give clear advice to your best friend or to your loved ones, but you don’t always have that same clarity when it comes to solving your own issues.   One of the key roadblocks I frequently encounter is that we don’t tend to offer ourselves as much compassion as we offer to others.  Additionally, it’s harder to get distance from our own stuff.

Here’s a simple Coaching Tool to help you get unstuck. Next time you face a baffling problem, pretend it’s your best friend, or someone else you care about who is having the problem.  Ask yourself what advice you would give that person. Imagine what you would tell them, and then see if you can apply that advice to yourself. 

A recent Boston Globe article  cites a new research study that supports the validity of this tool.  It says that getting distance from a problem increases your creative ability to solve that problem and that  “… when thinking about how to escape from a tower with a rope that is too short, people showed more insight about the problem after being instructed to imagine advising someone else about how to get out.”

Imagine that!

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Date: Saturday, 5. March 2011 3:37
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