Egads, Could I Actually Agree With Glenn Beck? Really?

Could it be? I recently caught Meredith Viera interviewing Fox TV personality Glenn Beck about his new book, The 7 Wonders That Will Change Your Life.   I was horrified.  Not a Fox News fan, and being rather liberal in my approach to life, I found myself unconsciously nodding my head in agreement with what Beck was saying.   In short, I heard him say that to change the world, you start by changing yourself.   Enlighten yourself as to what you believe, educate yourself about the issue(s) you care about, and then figure out what you can do about it, and do it.   

Beyond that, there appears to be little that Beck and I agree on, but I have to admit that Beck’s formula is pretty much how I live my life. That’s not to say that my way is the right way. You are entitled to your personal approach to living, and if it’s working for you, that’s fabulous!  As for me,   I don’t like to dwell on things that I can’t change for the better.  My action-orientation means that I don’t like to belly ache without offering a solution.  Sometimes I find our political and economic structures overwhelming.  Endless debate about what is wrong and right with them, though interesting, makes my head spin.  So I focus on me.  What can I do to be better, or to make things better in my life?  If there is an injustice, or a problem, rather than blame someone or something else, I get to work to determine what I can do to make a difference. 

And since I can’t fix all the things that bug me, I figure out what things matter to me the most.  I notice the things that touch me,   that get me fired up or that make me angry, or that move me to tears.  Then I try to pull the situation apart.  I get educated about it.  Is it my reaction that needs changing, or is there something else?   For example, if I hate that my partner leaves dishes in the sink, I can wash them, wonder why it bugs me so much (and decide if I can change my perception), leave them until he washes them, ask him to wash them, or move out.   There are many, many possible solutions to most problems.  Once I’m informed and educated, I decide what action to take.  When I can’t change something,  (for example, despite countless discussions and negotiations, if I find my partner never takes action on anything of importance to me) I must make a decision for myself; can I embrace the way things are, or, must I move on, physically or emotionally?

I don’t think Beck and I will agree on much else, but on this issue – that the key to solving the most overwhelming challenges is yourself – I see a common thread. Upon reflection, we also seem to share the number 7:   me with 7 Layer Living and Beck with his 7 Wonders.     Hmmm, will wonders ever cease?  Perhaps they stop at 7.

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Date: Friday, 21. January 2011 16:16
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