The Upside of Illness

I’m allegedly on vacation, and I say “allegedly” because I am not on a remote island sipping tall drinks at the beach, but rather visiting my hometown.  That means I never eat or drink alone.  I visit with pals for coffee, tea and all my meals; because I miss and love my pals and I really want to connect with as many of them as I possibly can.  That being said, I’ve caught a cold. Breathing and tasting food is now more difficult and as a result, I must slow down my breakneck pace.

While I mostly think of illness as an inconvenience and a challenge, today   I’m noticing that illness also creates an opportunity for rest and self-connection.  It’s as though my dear body is screaming at me to pay attention, to relax and to take notice of my needs.  That’s the amazing thing about our bodies.  They talk to us all the time, even when we are unwilling to pay attention.  They tell us when we are hungry, tired, sad or thirsty. Of course, we can choose to ignore our bodies if we wish, and as we often do. 

Eventually however, the body, like an angry child, stresses out and will no longer be overlooked.  The body screams for our attention, with illness, pain, more weight than is needed, or some other disorder.  So face it, try as we might, we cannot ignore our bodies.  I can choose to listen early in the process, or I can wait until my body loses its patience.  In the end, my body makes all my other concerns drift away as it greedily takes what it needs.  I usually benefit from rest and self-connection while I suffer the inconvenience of stopping my daily routine and ambitions.  Maybe I should learn to listen sooner, or maybe this is just my way of dancing with life and learning.

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Date: Friday, 14. January 2011 18:14
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