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I guess American culture  is getting serious about improving our health and reducing our waistlines.  TV personality, Dr. Oz has posted not only some terrific articles and videos, but also an eleven week plan to help you get more fit – an it’s all free on his website.

I found the eleven week plan after  reviewing the video and article posted here

Despite your best efforts, weight in certain areas can seem impossible to lose. However, you can trim and tone your problem parts if you know how to…
This article and video has great tips for you according to your body type and your perceived challenge area.  At the end of the article, (and also on his homepage) is a registration area for the “Sharecare” program.  I signed up and look forward to seeing how it works.  You can check it out too at   
Hope you are feeling happy and well in 2011.  
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Date: Monday, 10. January 2011 17:37
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