Resolutions Gone Wrong? Turn Obligation into Inspiration

Got your resolutions in hand? Ready to rock? If in about a week, you start to feel like a total failure because you didn’t meet your own expectations, your resolutions have gone wrong. Very wrong. Give yourself a virtual hug and please don’t give up in exasperation. It’s okay to start again. This time, start with a realistic view of what’s necessary, what’s achievable and most importantly, what sounds fun!

When obligation meets inspiration, you hit your sweet spot. Example: When you not only know that you want to get fit, but you also look forward to your fitness activity, you are inspired to make it happen. If obligation (the “I must”, “I should”) is all that’s driving you, the gas tank in your soul may hit EMPTY. Look to inspiration and fun to keep you going.

TWO STRATEGIES FOR Creating Inspiration:

1. FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT PLAY: Get creative about your approach. If you HATE and DREAD doing your activity, guess what, you probably won’t do it. So design an activity that sounds fun (or at least palatable) to you. If you hate working out alone, find a partner. If you don’t enjoy the gym, start dancing, walking, or try martial arts. Need to change jobs, but can’t even think about it? Ask a trusted friend to help, or seek professional assistance. There are countless ways to get to your goal in an inspiring way; try one! If it doesn’t suit, try another!

2. SMALL IS BETTER THAN NOTHING IS AT ALL: Whatever your ambition, look for a way to make it achievable. If need be, take very small steps. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Small steps often work better than biting off more than you can chew, getting frustrated, and giving up altogether.

The key is, set yourself up for success. Pick any amount of time that allows your gut to respond enthusiastically with, “I CAN DO THAT!” Don’t let your brain convince your gut that you need to add more time. You can always do more IF YOU WANT TO! The idea of small “turtle” steps is you commit to a minimum amount of time that you know you can achieve. Remember, no amount of time is too small! For me, it’s been writing my book for 10 minutes a day, three days a week and adding more time as it feels right. Guess what? Its’ working!

In short: To achieve more  success, find creative ways to change obligation into inspiration.

Class Notes: There are many tools available to you to get projects and goals completed. If you think more support will help you  achieve your fitness and wellness goals, check out my new group class Kick Start Wellness Coaching Workshop starting January 19th and learn how to get it done.

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Date: Tuesday, 4. January 2011 20:12
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