Daily Joy Recipe

Sometimes when we want to feel happier, we trick ourselves into thinking it has to be a big deal.  But often, the smallest things, like walking your dog, touching base with an old friend, or even cleaning out a disorganized desk drawer  brings  us a great feeling of  satisfaction and peace.

So ask yourself, is there one thing you could do today that would bring you joy? And is there one thing that you could eliminate from your day that would make your life easier or better? 

Here’s my joyful addition for today: I’m going to journal for ten minutes.

Here’s my eliminate ingredient:  Forget about grocery shopping for dinner; instead use or create a recipe for which I already have all the ingredients.

There.  Stop making excuses.  The recipe for more joy is simple:  Add one thing you want or love to your day and subtract one annoyance or inconvenience.   Do this daily for the rest of your life and you may just create a happier, more joyful you.

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Date: Thursday, 30. December 2010 12:55
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