Proof that the Unthinkable is Possible

Sanford teaching yoga

According to Matt Sanford, healing is possible, even when a cure is not. Who is Matt Sanford? He’s a 43-year-old yoga teacher who at the age of 13, lost his father and his sister in a devastating car crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Sanford discovered yoga after graduating from college with honors.  He says that although he was succeeding, he felt a sense of emptiness until at age 25, he started practicing yoga with a teacher willing and able to work with him.  A few years later, he started teaching yoga and a mind-body approach to rehabilitation based on his own experience.  Quoted in  March 2010 in a Gulf News article Sanford says, “We’re always taught to overcome disability, but you can’t overcome your body.  I didn’t become a yoga teacher because I overcame anything.  I’m a yoga teacher because I live in an altered mind-body relationship.”

In 2001, he founded Mind Body Solutions, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming loss and disability into hope and potential by awakening the connection between mind and body.  He says, “I was shown all the things that could go wrong with my body, not what was still there and what could go right.” His yoga practice addressed this issue and now he helps others to discover what can go right for them.  Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, under Sanford’s leadership, the organization offers yoga classes and workshops for people living with disabilities and their caregivers as well as classes for the general population.

Students with disabilities who study adaptive yoga techniques with Mind Body Solutions report life-changing improvements, such as improved balance, fewer falls, an increased ability to manage pain and relief from depression.

Check out this short, informative YouTube video   featuring Matt Sanford and his work at Mind-Body Solutions.  Ask yourself, what dis-ability, real or imagined, is holding you back from your potential? What is possible for you if you reframe and re-imagine what is good in your life, rather than focusing on what is missing? In the words of Sanford, “The unthinkable is possible.”  I think he should know.

 Sanford continues to expand his transformational efforts by speaking about and teaching yoga to a wide range of students, including veterans.  He is also the author of Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence    (Rodale, 2008).  To learn more about Sanford and Mind-Body Solutions, visit his site at

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Date: Friday, 17. December 2010 13:25
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