Free Online Tool to Fight Holiday Weight Gain

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cardiovascular Wellness Service of Boston is sponsoring a free, national, online program called ‘Beat the Holiday Bulge’ to help you manage weight gain this holiday season. Open to men and women, the program is available from November 1 to December 31st, 2010, and all participants who complete the entire four-week course also automatically qualify to win an IPod or $75 gift certificate to New Balance. But hurry! It’s best to sign up online by December 1!

Last year’s participants in the ‘Beat the Holiday Bulge’ program lost a total of 1,600 pounds, with participating organizations experiencing weight loss of as much as 3.3 pounds per person enrolled.

I signed up, and the program seems easy to follow. If you are looking for a catch, I can’t find one. There is no high-pressure end of program sale, and all information is confidential. It’s just a not-for profit hospital offering a comprehensive tool to educate, and empower users on their path to being heart healthy.

To sign on, visit and if you don’t work with any of the organizations listed in the drop down menu, just use “other” and provide your zip code. The program will then ask you a variety of questions including current activity and weight goals: gain, lose or maintain. You get a cool report that calculates your daily needs for calories along with recommended daily requirements for fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals based on your personal goal and profile. Resources on the platform appear vast and include a health library, a program to track your progress and recipes, to name a few. Even if online programs are typically not your bag, you may get some terrific information just nosing around.

Studies have shown that the average person gains anywhere from one to five pounds during the holiday season and the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 70% of all illnesses are due to lifestyle related causes such as obesity and inactivity. Based on that information alone, it may be worth a look.

Time is limited, so be sure to enroll by the second week of December to participate in the full, four-week program. Registration is quick and easy, so visit  to sign up today.

To learn more about the Cardiovascular Wellness Service and their many free offerings at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, visit . Or if you are in the Boston area, contact them directly at  or 617-582-4821.

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Date: Friday, 26. November 2010 18:03
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