Pyschic Medium Event, Trick or Treat?

 “You’ve got to watch No One Dies in Lily Dale,” a dear friend suggested a few months ago.  “It’s about a community of mediums — you know — they see dead people.  You have to watch it.  Do you want to go?”  Not being one to shy away from the exploration of psychic phenomena or metaphysics, I said I’d check it out and think I might be interested in a visit.  I watched the show and found it intriguing, but without a pressing need, it became back burner on my endless coaching, living and consulting to-do list. 

However, just in time for Halloween, this same friend and I heard about a psychic medium event near Boston.  Would it be a trick, or a treat? This time, I felt compelled to go because since my friend first mentioned Lily Dale, the topic of psychic mediums has come up on five different occasions, completely unprovoked by me.  It was as if the universe was poking at me to pay attention. I serendipitously heard about this particular event while I was doing internet research for a client.  This was the final straw. I clicked a link to a local theater and the psychic medium announcement appeared front and center.  For $35 dollars and a 20-minute drive, it seemed time to respond to the poking and to find out more.

We walked into a small, movie viewing room with about 30 other people.  Two women stood at the front of the room.  One was a manager, the other, the medium, Sirry Berndsen. Both gave short introductions as to how they became involved in psychic phenomenon and how readings work.  Apparently, Berndsen can see, hear, smell, taste and feel messages from “the other side.”  She also believes that we all have some psychic ability and that each of us can learn to develop the skill for ourselves. 

Next, she surveyed the audience until she found a focal point.  “I am talking to the back of the right side of the room.  I see a young man, some kind of motor accident.”  The medium continues to describe him in detail. “Is this making sense to anyone in the back?” Not to my surprise, my friend answered, “Yes.”   On the way over, she had wondered aloud to me if this friend might reach out to her.  The medium continues, offers a name, says the deceased had a huge crush on her sister, and that he has a message for her.  My friend sits at full attention.  She seems to understand everything as she listens to details and events that no one else could ever know.  Eventually, the psychic moves on.  There are interactions for several others in the room.  One woman received an “intuitive” reading in which the medium passed along messages about her life path. 

I get no contacts or messages. Nada, zilch, zip. I’m disappointed, but I personally believe that everything happens as it should.    Perhaps this evening was not about me – that I was only the facilitator.  Perhaps my job was to get my friend to a place where she could get her message.  So I asked  Berndsen about this, “Don’t any spirits want to talk to me?”  She explained that as a medium, she can only do so much at each reading before she physically can’t do more.  As I thought, it’s not about me.   I take it that my spirits just weren’t feeling aggressive that night, and didn’t push their way to the front of the line. That’s okay.  The idea of being in their presence is honestly a little frightening anyway.  Although, from what Berndsen conveyed, the spirits seem calm, happy, pain-free.  No grudges on the other side, she mentioned.   So, really, what is there be to be afraid of?

Afterwards, I query my friend about her experience.  Yes, it felt true and real for her.  Yes, it was odd and a little scary to intercept the spirit world.  Yes, we both think this was a treat, not a trick. 

So what am I hoping to share?  There’s  much that  I don’t know, and may never know  – so my truest lesson from this experience is to not discard an idea or a person as useless without getting more information.  If this event serves to remind me to seek to understand before I judge, especially myself, then it served me well.

To read more about  Berndsen, visit her website  Enjoy Halloween!

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Date: Sunday, 31. October 2010 12:42
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