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Maryam Zar, Womenfound

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s my passion?” Or, even, “Now that I’ve found my passion, how can I make my dream come true?”   It’s my privilege to share one woman’s inside look at the highs and lows of discovering and realizing her dream. 

Maryam Zar, JD, and founder of  Womenfound made the leap of faith when she gave up ownership of her six profitable retail stores in Los Angeles to make a difference in the lives of women in need.  At the age of 41, with three young children at home, she started a venture that donates all of its profits to women’s charities around the globe. According to Zar, she loves advocating for women because women have a positive and enabling effect on other women.

Currently, and are respectively, an awareness website focused on women’s issues and a retail website/boutique in Brentwood, California. The physical shop sells jewelry, gifts and accessories and currently donates all of its profits to charities that aid and empower women.  Unlike other charitable stores, Womenfound’smerchandise is not donated; it’s top quality merchandise purchased by Zar.

Even though Zar has passion and skill on her side, she acknowledges that being her own boss and heading up a nonprofit organization doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps along the road. She chats about mistakes she’s made along the way, but accepts the good with the bad.

You can listen to, (or download) Zar’s insightful and honest story here.

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If you’re unable to listen, here are some highlights from the interview that I found especially interesting:

While Zar loves what she does and is excited to go to work every morning, she admits that it took some time to make her move. Because change is often hard, Zar suggests that “Talking with others, or making a business plan allows you to see what you have to do, so you can implement your inspiration.” Once you have what she calls “critical mass” and you can see all the pieces of your plan, you can work yourself into taking a first step.  “Nothing,” she explains, “happens overnight.” 

Whether you are solo or committed, you must also reckon with the economic realities of running a start-up.  While Zar has a supportive spouse in her life, she asserts that she would have found a way to follow her passion even if her circumstances were different.  As she puts it, “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”

Last but not least, Zar encourages anyone with a dream to keep the faith. “Believe that you will get there, and then take one-step at a time.” She says it may take awhile, but when you are ready emotionally and psychologically, you can make your move.

My wish for you is that like Maryam Zar, you too will find your passion and make it happen. 

To learn more about Womenfound, visit and

Correction: Please note that at the original date of this publication, Womenfound’s California nonprofit application is awaiting approval. 

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