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Inside Sagrada Familia

I feel deeply inspired after visiting Barcelona, Spain and learning more about architect Antoni Gaudi´  and artist Pablo Picasso .  I may be the last person on the planet to realize the genius of these men, but hey, better late than never!  Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of Picasso, but I deeply respect how both of these men courageously pursued their authentic approach to work and life.  Being that clear and that grounded in my beliefs is something that I aspire to daily.

Both men had the training, and the character to break the mold: Gaudi´ with his wild and earthy architecture and Picasso with his creation of Cubism.  One can argue that they were assisted by their era, being in the right place at the right time, but being first and being different still requires a great deal of conviction.

For most of us, years of socialization results in an excellent ability to  ignore and to silence that small voice within us that whispers our joyful destiny:  maybe it’s painting, writing, fishing, providing service to others, skateboarding, whatever!   While some folks are fortunate enough to feel compelled to follow their passion: Steve Jobs, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Marie Curie, Lance Armstrong, Martin Luther King, to name a few of the well known achievers who do what they do because they must, most of us give up our dreams and replace them with what is acceptable and inoffensive to others.

At the same time, I doubt that Gaudi´, Picasso, or Gandhi woke up every day and said, “I am going to be the greatest XXX of my time.” (Well, maybe Lance Armstrong did) But mostly, outstanding folks get up every day and go to work – putting one foot in front of the other and doing the next thing they have to do.  In fact, their biographies indicate that every one of the above mentioned had some horribly difficult days (in this case, Armstrong is not an exception), just like you and me. But somehow, the achievers worked at what they loved, persisted through challenge, and evolved over time until one day, the outcome of their efforts became something bigger than they could have ever imagined.

On the other hand, many of us settle for the “shoulds” the “have-tos” and the “cant’s“ that keep us from pursuing our personal passion and joy.  If you either have lost your passion or are ignoring your joy, maybe it’s time to listen again for that small voice within you.  Can you find five to 10 minutes a day (yes you can!) to explore some creative ways to allow even a little bit of your passion to surface?  Can you research, write, plan or prepare how to get to a next step, so can you spend a few minutes each day actually doing what you love?

Having trouble?  Make a list of all the things that you can unload from your to-do list so you can find a little time to pursue the activity that excites you.  Then put that 15 or 20 minutes on your calendar regularly and honor that time as sacred for what you need/want to do.   Most of all; don’t think fifteen minutes isn’t enough.  If something makes you feel happy and more alive, 15 minutes doing it will be more fulfilling than not doing it at all!  Maybe you won’t be a Picasso or a Gaudi, but then again, how can you know for sure?

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Date: Thursday, 10. June 2010 0:35
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