Smart Lessons from a Successful Entrepreneur

Loved this article from Women Entrepreneur!  The three lessons I take away for the budding entrepreneur (male or female)  are these:

1) Get support from friends and partners;

 2) Pick up new skills and education if you need them; and 

3) Be FLEXIBLE!  If your original plan has flaws or gets offtrack (oh yes, it will!) rethink, replan, reconsider, restrategize.  You may need to redesign your business approach, but you may not need to abandon it entirely.  This is a key lesson for success! Be creative. You can do it.   Here’s the article and the link:

Entrepreneur Succeeds With Wit and Grit

‘It’s all about being creative,’ says Tina Aldatz, who faced her now-or-never moment and landed on her feet.

By: Eve Gumpel   |   05/12/2010


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Date: Sunday, 16. May 2010 17:29
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