You Choose Your Life Everyday – So Choose Well

Good article on life and wellness coaching in the Boston Globe this week called “When a Coach May Help”  The article begins to address some of the issues around life coaching and discusses the relationship between coaching and therapy. 

According to interviewee in the article, “Therapy helps you overcome the challenges of the past and coaching helps you very clearly identify your vision of the future. Coaching is a process of change that revolves around strengths and potential, rather than feelings of pathology and pain.’’

As a life and career coach, of course I am biased and believe that coaching can be immensely worthwhile, but I also have my eyes wide open to the challenges of this industry. First, life coach is a cheesy sounding name.  Second, the industry is not well-regulated after the certification process is over. That means that  you can encounter the good, the bad and the just plain ugly;  of course, that is also true in many service professions – from yoga teachers to doctors and lawyers.  

Third, coaching and therapy often coexist very well, but there are times that therapy is needed and coaching is not helpful.  By the same token, if you are struggling to get a creative project off the ground or you want to switch careers, coaching  is probably more appropriate than therapy!

With the fast pace of change in our world, each of us as consumers must be more informed about,  and take more resposibility for everything we do – from health care to finances.  You and I must decide what is right for us.  And that is part of what Seven Layer Living is about for me.  Through this blog and eventually my newsletter,  I plan to bring essential information to readers so that they can make better decisions for themselves and get closer to what I call “total wellness ” and good personal decision-making.  It’s my calling!

With that, always remember – you choose your life everyday.  So be conscious,  be informed, and be true to what is right for you.  At the end of the day, that’s all you can do.

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Date: Wednesday, 6. January 2010 16:00
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