Grateful for Our Teachers

Teachers come to us in many forms and in many ways.  For me, the death of my second son Spenser was an amazing teacher.  It was the catalyst that reframed my perspective on what matters in life.  So while it was incredibly painful to lose my son, Spenser’s death gave me an enormous gift:  a second chance to focus on what matters:  especially the people I love and care about.

Spenser’s death also led me to a deep yoga practice.  The practice provided me with a way to quiet my mind and at the same time, it made my body stronger and more flexible.  It was one of the few things I could do after losing my son that started to poke a hole in the darkness of my soul where a little light could come through.  It was the beginning of recovery. 

So today, I am visiting my old southern California stomping grounds for the holidays.  I stop to take classes from some of the yoga teachers who unknowingly influenced the direction of my life and who have provided me with a go-to resource for finding joy:  Geo  Takoma in Laguna Beach   and John Childers at Full Spectrum Yoga They are both still teaching, and they are passionate and dedicated to their yoga journey, albeit with very different styles of yoga. 

If you are interested in yoga, check these guys out.  Geo is now podcasting his classes at  and he offers a kick butt 45 minute power yoga THE WARRIOR SERIES DVD on his site at which I have used for years to stay in shape – and often give as a gift.   John offers a whole nother resource on his site – strap yoga – a deep and gentle way to dig into all those sore joints and areas that you didn’t even know were bugging you – oh – and open your heart at the same time: Both offerings are accessible to all levels of practice and will assist you in improved health and well-being.

Not that I am suggesting yoga is for everyone.  It’s not.  Yoga may not be your thing, but I encourage you to find and to nurture that which is your thing.  What is your go-to passion that provides you comfort in the darkest times?  Who and what have been your greatest teachers?  What are you grateful for?   If you can answer these questions, I believe you are very blessed indeed.

Happy Holidays.

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Date: Friday, 18. December 2009 17:38
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