Stress Relief for the Holidays

I read a  good blog  post yesterday about seven ways to reduce holiday stress  My favorite tip from  Connie Bennett’s list , (and the one I find most friends, family and clients overlook) is to take time for yourself.  Do good things for you.  It’s essential during this busy and often stressful time. 

Don’t forget to sleep, to exercise, and to schedule yourself some down time!  Remember, you can always barter, bag or better your situation.  You are worth it!   And, the better you feel, the more fun and the more productive you can be with others in your life.  So if you don’t think you are worthy, (you might need  a life coach or a therapist to help you with that)  at least be unselfish: take care of yourself for the benefit of  the other folks in your life!

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Date: Thursday, 3. December 2009 4:02
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    Thought provoking post. Very interesting items and have enjoyed immensely.

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    Thanks for the feedback! Your comment was lost in my spam box. Best!

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    Thanks for the feedback! Hope you are well and survived the holidays. Best,

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