Bust Your “Too Busy to Breathe" Anxiety in 7 Steps

Okay, it’s the holiday season and there are a million things to get done.  Or are there? Can you feel the anxety creeping into your shoulders already?   That feeling of being overwhelmed that makes you want to run away from home or work?  It is one of the most common issues that I run into – for myself as well as my clients. And despite all that anxiety, we all move forward.  Some things get done and some things don’t. Regardless, we continue living.  So how can we tame the ugly anxiety lizard so we can have more fun every day?

My best solution is to first – slow down, take a breather. You just need 10 quiet minutes and a paper and writing instrument, or any electronic gadget of your choice. Yes, you can find 10 minutes. 

So now,

1) Make a TO DO list of all the things you have to do.  I like to do a monthly list, and add to it daily. You can do it daily, weekly or monthly if you prefer.  Feel free to organize tasks by category: like personal, work, friends, whatever – or not.

2)  For each item, note the absolute DROP DEAD DATE – or if there isn’t one, then the LIKE TO COMPLETE BY date.

3)  Next, feel your way through the list – which things do you really want to avoid, and which things are you happy to do? Be honest!  This is important!  You can use a -10 to +10 scale to rank your list items…so taking your best friend to lunch for his/her birthday:  +10; doing the taxes -5.  Get it?

4) Then decide what you will do – when you will do it, if you really can postpone it, or if you can barter it with someone else – whatever you need to do to get it handled in a way that works for you that day or that week or some other time.  AND, even better, you can change your list anytime you need or want to! 

anxiety buster to do list

5) Just do it.  Once you start working your way through and knowing that you have a plan, you will likely feel much better about what you have.  And be honest.  Can you bag something?  Can you barter it? Can you make it easier or better?

6) Don’t beat yourself up! Just work it.  If you can’t get to something, is it really that important to you?  (That’s a whole ‘nother coaching topic!) If you are just avoiding something, explore why – and decide if you can make peace with it by bartering, bettering or bagging it.

7) Celebrate what you DO Accomplish! At the end of the day, the things you did get done matter as much as the things you didn’t. So enjoy, appreciate and remember, tomorrow is another day.

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Date: Friday, 20. November 2009 20:24
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