My Body, My Friend

It took me nearly 45 years, but I have finally come to love and appreciate my body.  How?  First by listening to it – it tells me what I need to do to take care of it.  I feed it, water it, and let it rest, work it out and listen to its gut instincts.  Of course, at the age of 50, my body is not as young looking as it once was.  I love the look of supple, young skin – which is not what my skin looks like.  But even that I have come to appreciate.  My skin has served me well for many years.

To become friends with your body, first you have to have a relationship.  Say hello to it, ask it how it is – check in – take care of it.  Most important, you must listen to your body.  It will tell you what it (and  you) needs. If you take care of your body, your body will return the favor by taking care of you!

For me, combining yoga with cycling, coaching and acupuncture have helped me live more happily in my body. How?  Yoga taught me non-judgment – just observe what is happening.  Don’t label it good or bad.  (Like gee, my belly is really sticking out today.  Hmmm).  Biking has helped me to increase my cardiovascular fitness and allows me to enjoy the great outdoors!  My acupuncturist contributed by teaching me how to combat heartburn and indigestion: “Get acupuncture and chew your food; eat slowly; and don’t drink too much water with your meals.”

 Sage advice!  If you chew your food thoroughly, your stomach can work less hard at digesting big chunks that will otherwise sit around in your belly and rot!  Taking the time to enjoy your meal also helps make digestion easier.

Coaching has helped in several ways– but one Martha Beck tool in particular, the Body Compass, got me to hear what my body is saying – kind of like learning another language.  If we pay attention, our bodies will often tell us what our minds won’t.  So when you meet someone and get a funny feeling, or a good feeling, your body may know something you don’t yet know – and it will tell you if you listen.

So these days, my body and I work together.  Sometimes I forget to call her or thank her for her diligent service, but for the most part, she’s become a very close friend that I truly appreciate.

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Date: Wednesday, 21. October 2009 1:40
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