Free of Limiting Thoughts – for now!

Why am I writing this blog?  Well, to start, I really love to write, and I really love to coach and share cool things that make me, and possibly other people feel better!   But the other reason this blog is coming out TODAY – is that I have been struggling to get my website up and running for weeks and it is just a freaking nightmare for some reason.  And, what I found it that my focus on that issue was stopping me from moving forward toward my dream.  It’s a typical avoidance maneuver that I didn’t see until about 7 PM last night.  I was focusing on a perceived obstacle.  I was allowing my thoughts to stop me from getting what I want.  Yes, it’s crazy.  Here’s what I was allowing myself to think:

“I can’t start my blog until I have my website.  I can’t possibly take on more clients until I get my website up.”

What a bunch of hooey!   Yes, hooey.  But here I am.  Writing and communicating with you and allowing the possibility of so much more by letting go of my FAKE limitations.

So how are you limiting yourself? Here are some sample thoughts you might recognize:

Yes, I’ll start that business as soon as I make $250,000.  Or, I can’t go to the gym until I lose ten pounds – or even this one, I can’t have a relationship until I feel settled. 

If any of this feels vaguely familiar to you, I highly recommend that you consider what road blocks you are putting up in the way of your own success, wellness and happiness.  And then joyfully, go around them, over them, and through them – whatever works for you – so you can create your best destiny.

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Date: Friday, 16. October 2009 12:52
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